With Deep Sympathy we say Good-bye to our Hero

Dr. Emoto is the REASON - AQUAMANTRA was created. After seeing What the Bleep do we Know!? and Dr. Emoto's research in the film, quantum physics took over - inspiring Alexandra to test his theories and AQUAMANTRA water was born. Later that year, she had the priveledge to meet him with so much GRATITUDE!

Dr. Emoto and his son, Hiro Emoto are seen here with Alexandra Kavanah, Creator of AQUAMANTRA Water. "I was so excited to meet him, I don't think he realized how profoundly he impacted my life. " and... the lives of all of us, the education about the messages in Water is invaluable to the success of humanity. He taught us the connection to our water and the reflection it has back on us. IN HONOR of Dr. Emoto, please THANK, BLESS or have GRATITUDE for your water for the next month. In Gratitude to Meet the Master of Water

HUMANS NEED WATER. Water will be more abundant if we show gratitude to it, which most of us aren't even aware of how or why we should do that. Like anything that wants to be acknowledged, if we show water gratitude when we pour it, when we wash our dishes, when we shower or bath, when we swim, or connect to oceans, rivers or lakes or even when we give it to our will respond and begin to support us back. Please just take a moment and interact with your water. Say THANK YOU to it. Say in your mind, I AM SO GRATEFUL for you and how you sustain me. And with that we say THANK YOU, Dr. Emoto for your contribution on this planet, we are forever GRATEFUL to you. :-(

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This is a song written by the talented and conscious artist Gina Rene in conjunction with the Creator of AQUAMANTRA, Alexandra Kavanah. Alexandra was frustrated at watching teenagers at her local high school liter bottles on the ground. And it is not just teenagers, how many times do we see plastic bottles on the ground? Where do we think those bottles will end up when we litter like that? We are a collective of creatures on this big beautiful Mother Earth without whom we wouldn't exist. Please play this song for your kids and get into the vibration of support, making a difference and end the waste of plastic bottles being littered, until we are allowed to truly utilize biodegradable bottles. Enjoy! Peace and Blessings.