How to Remove Lead From Water?

Reports from US today indicate that over 2000 water systems across all the US states have tested positive for excessive lead contamination in the last four years.

Mind you, the mentioned water systems collectively deliver water to over six million people. This merely confirms that the water contamination issue that first emerged during the Flint crisis is nothing but a widespread problem.


How Does Water Distillation Work?

Water is life. No living thing can survive without water, plants, human beings or animals. Did you know that the highest percentage of our continent space is covered with water?

However, although we have so many oceans, seas, rivers and many other water sources, not all water is safe for consumption for the living things or efficient for use in chemical and biological laboratories.


How to Choose the Best Reverse Osmosis System?

They say water is life. This has been proven because every time you make a visit to the doctor, it is almost certain that take plenty of fluids will be part of your prescribed medications to get well.

Water is the best beverage to achieve quenching thirst and keeping the body hydrated. Drinking enough water every day has huge benefits to the human body and keeps the body healthy. However, it is one thing to drink enough water and another to drink clean safe water.