How to Choose a Whole House Water Filtration System?

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Let’s face it – a significant number, if not everybody desires to have a place they can call home.

There is, however, a dozen factors that they should put into consideration before the house project kicks off.

This is because establishing a house from the foundation until the whole structure is entirely laid up is not a pocket-friendly.

But before we get to know the filtration system, let us know our water. All the water sources are it well, glacier or lake water contains some contaminants.

And contaminants range from minerals that occur naturally to the human-made byproducts.

All the waters from lakes, rivers, rain which contain some acids in them are never safe for our health because of what they provide.

Choosing a Whole House Water Filtration System

The Unwanted Substances in Our Water

  • Inorganic: These are toxic metals the likes of chromium, mercury, arsenic, and barium.
  • Scale: This is the hard water minerals like magnesium which form a build-up on the surfaces of pipes.
  • Radioactive elements: These are the types of contaminants which in many cases sequel from decomposed uranium in rocks and soils.
  • Microbial Pathogens: This kind of contaminant is a disease that produces micro-organisms which incorporates viruses, parasites, and bacterial.

Filtration System

This can be said to be various physical, biological, and mechanical operations that distinguish the fluids from solids.

This is achieved by creating a way by which the fluids can go through.

It is, however, advisable to be aware of some of the factors that can be put into consideration not only to make a ‘Christmas present’ as the house.

Features of an Ideal Filtration System

What is the ideal filtration system you should aim for? What are the components you need to create an ideal water filtration? Below you can find more info that will answer these questions:


This contains liquids that are filtered by the use of the thickness in the filter medium.

This kind likewise provides high texture retention and removal.

The roll type uses different types of non-woven material that is graded with fiber.

Wound Type

This uses the process whereby liquids are filtered out by the use of thickness in the medium of a filter.

The graded thread of a specific density is used in the winding process plus the effective removal of the different sizes of particles. This employ increased high retention using the medium thickness.

Pleated Type

This is where the thickness of the filter medium to filter the liquids.

Liquids are filtered by using the medium filter thickness.

Absorption Type

This kind is designed for application of adsorption; this type of entails aid filter the likes of; diatomaceous earth, partite and activated carbon.

These are used to absorb the unwanted substance, and this is according to the capability filtration.

Large Diameter Type

The ROKI TECHNO offers Q-Flow and Huge-Flow in this filtration construction.

This enacts the filter dimension that is altered to obtain flow rate.

Depth Pleated Type

In this, the liquids are filtered using the thickness of the medium filter and the surface.

Traditional depth filters are low than the pleated construction yields, which are high.

Choosing a Whole House Water Filtration System

Other than the features, a guide is needed since its vital to know the appropriate guidelines to get a quality job. Let’s now dig a bit deeper on the best guide on how to choose a sound filtration system for a home:

1. Filter Maintenance

Usually, the most apparent objects that are used for water purification tends to have a very tiny life cycle.

This is, however, dependent on various factors such as level of water contaminant, time limit, and the amount of water.

Thorough maintenance of filter comes with a bunch of merits as it prevents anything to do with “water germ.”

2. Understanding Your Water Source

Treatment of water is of great importance, especially if one is always on their health check-up.

All in all, making out on the source from which the water is channeling from help to know and select the best filter that suits you.

3. Additional Resources for Future Changes

A second thought must be given some space in case of any contingency transitions; This is because the technology is advancing every other day; thus, many more changes should be considered.

For instance, a much more advanced filtration system may come in handy.

4. Quality

Even though not many are aware of this, filtration of water can not only contribute to the water taste but also prevent you from contaminants that are perilous to your health as a whole.

And they say that cheap is expensive, the cheaper filtration system may not take away all the contaminants.

This means that the filters should be occasionally changed and by so doing increase the cost per year of the water system.

The quality of the filtration system should, therefore, be kept in check to prevent any health damages which may arise.

5. Budget

You do not want to be installed with a maladroit water filtration system, do you?

I bet you don’t; therefore if that is the case, you must ‘converse with your pocket ‘and agree on the vast hole that you are going to create.

You must be willing to depart with a lot of your finances if at all, you desire to have the best whole water filtration system. The advantage of this is keeping every bit of water source in your home clean and pure.

The budget should, at the same time, not only cater for the purchasing of the system but also their installation.

6. Type of Filtration System

Before ordering or leaving to go and buy the filtration system, you must establish imagery in mind on what kind of water filtration system you want to acquire.

This is advantageous because it is time friendly.

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

A house filter has connections to the mainline water that goes into the house.  Laundry, bathroom, kitchen, toilets, and faucets, as a result, dispense water that is treated.

Generally, the whole house water is usually connected to the significant water line, and this is before it splits into either the heater or any other relevant area.

Users that may have the ‘hunger’ to have their water purified and the channeled to sprinkle to their yards may also do the channeling.

The Type of Whole House Water Needed

The type of house water needed may depend on the contaminant types that are in the water. You also have to figure out what kind of determinants that ought to be removed.

The types of determinants that may be found in private water supply are; iron, hard minerals, and some sediments.

The type of filters depends on the type of water softening and the filtration of the water. But what is the instantiate between the two?

Water Filtration and Softening

Water filters are made in such a way that they remove a vast range of the contaminants; water softeners, however, remove the hardness of the water.

The two can, however, be combined as a unit that is known as SP3 Scale Prevention System with filtration.

Common Contaminants

  • Chemicals: Carbon filtration, this is usually used to remove most chemical contaminants. The most common chemical contaminant is chorine.
  • Iron: Two common types of metal that are found in water are ferrous and the ferric. Sediment filter can be used to remove rust particles and red water iron. On the other hand, iron clear water iron can be removed by oxidation. The factors that affect the life of the oxidizing filters are the hydrogen sulfide and the potential of hydrogen (PH)

Selection of a Whole House Water Filter

These are what to look for;

Filter Size

More water flows with pressure because of the large filter plus the interval of service.

The port size has a greater impact on pressure and GPM.

Big houses or rather homes may require the 25gpm rate of flow plus the 1.5’’ports that are found in the Nelsen SP3 system.

Port Size

The most appropriate and sizeable port that is fit enough for a water filter is 1.”

This is also applicable even when the house uses almost three-quarter of the piping system.

The system of the port may not have any demerits even if fitted into the three-quarter pipe.

To prevent any pressure drops, the 4.5″ by 20″ filter may be used in that case.

The Rate of Flow

This is calculated in gallons per minute (GPM)

The use of a water heater, toilet, or shower, the dishwasher determines the rate of flow.

The Need for Whole House Filter System

A number of people don’t take a keen interest in their health when it comes to contaminants or germs.

The system has got several benefits which include;

  • Much more good showers and baths.
  • Good and healthy skin.
  • Filtered water that emerges from all water sources in the house
  • Soft water with spotless glasses.
  • The life expectancy of the water because of the use of household pipes

Whole House System Installation

For filtration and treatment of water to take place in the whole house, the first thing that ought to be done is to ensure a proper installation of the system.

The installation process will smoothly take place when there are enough water supplies.

The system requires that it first goes through the pressure tank.

It does so that it may trap every water bit that should be going to the house.

In the case of the installation in a city, the filter reduces sediment, ultraviolet disinfection and chlorine.

Suppose the process in the city fails, the installed ultraviolet system offers protection.

The Merits of Using the Whole House Filtration System

The advantages associated with this system are numerous.

The challenge might not be too that difficult like doing away with chlorine taste or even some immense hardness which comes from a well.

One of the most significant advantages is that the system reduces close to all the water problems such as discoloration.

In many cases, water that’s supplied from the city contains several minerals.  This usually depends on the source from which the water is coming from.

And because of such, the whole house Filtration system becomes beneficial.

The chemicals are in most cases removed before it is put in use such as clothe washing or showering.

The Cost of a Whole House Filtration System

If you are ready to solve the water challenges, then you must be prepared to part with some of your cash.

The cost of solving the water problems may prick your pocket, but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

The whole house water filtration system in many cases varies from small, medium cost and the most considerable systems.

For installation, you will have to incur the service cost to the plumber who is fully equipped with all the necessary tools.

When you move to a different house, this will means another cost since you’ll have to replace with a new one.

How to Change Whole House Water Filtration

A need may arise whereby you are forced to change the whole system; the process may be a bit challenging.

However, the below steps will ease things for you;

  • Step 1: Be prepared to do an excellent job for the most appropriate task.
  • Step 2: You will be required to turn the water off and the pressure system
  • Step 3: Work on the whole house water filter bypass
  • Step 4: Open the usually big blue filter canister
  • Step 5: An inspection of the former filter plus cleaning out the filter casing
  • Step 6: Inspection and replacement of the O-Ring
  • Step 7: Put the plumber’s tape around the thread of the filter canister
  • Step 8: Put the replacement filter in
  • Step 9: Pressurize the water system slowly
  • Step 10: This is the final step where cleaning is required


If at all you are new to the filtration system and may be worried about your health, the maintenance off filters and everything else to do with the filtration system.

Well then, you now fully prepared to install or change another filtration system with fewer questions to be answered.


This is George, the Aquaman, editor at AquaMantra. I'm a water quality analyst by profession, and used to work at one of the largest water bottler company.
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