How to Choose the Best Reverse Osmosis System?

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They say water is life. This has been proven because every time you make a visit to the doctor, it is almost certain that take plenty of fluids will be part of your prescribed medications to get well.

Water is the best beverage to achieve quenching thirst and keeping the body hydrated. Drinking enough water every day has huge benefits to the human body and keeps the body healthy. However, it is one thing to drink enough water and another to drink clean safe water.

Drinking water is not the main goal, the main goal is to drink clean safe water that has no contaminants to harm your body. People get their water from different sources. Without knowing the dangers of taking unverified water, you could be harbouring diseases in your body with every sip you take in attempt to keep hydrated.

There are many ways to filter water and remove contaminants. One of the most effective is filtering through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water filtration removes effectively all dangerous contaminants. Giving you fresh, clean and safe water for drinking.

Choosing the Best Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system is a good investment to help you filter drinking water for your household. Water filtered through osmosis reverse system tastes better. This system is also cheaper compared to continually buying drinking water in plastic bottles. If you are considering to invest in reverse osmosis system, below are the main things that you will need to know to make a smart and informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Reverse Osmosis System

There are many types of reverse osmosis systems in the market today. To find the right one for your household needs and budget, there are a few factors that you need to consider;

Price of the System

The first question that you need to ask yourself when going to get a reverse osmosis system is, how much are you willing to pay for the system? Reverse osmosis systems are available in the market with a range of prices. Although expensive is not always the best, you need to check the effectiveness of the system before making a purchase.

At a higher price, some systems have more stages with more filters, others are able to filter many gallons of water at a time, others have ability to separate harmful and valuable nutrients and restore the valuable nutrients into the water after filtration, while others have extra features such as an auto flush to enhance efficiency.

Very cheap reverse osmosis systems on the other hand, may be made of low quality materials hence subject to wear and tear after a short period while others do not have enough filters to clean the water effectively. Middle ranged prices systems, are able to accomplish the basics of water filtration, while the expensive systems add some nice to have extra features.

Amount of Water

The other factor that you need to consider is how much water a reverse osmosis system is able to filter at a time. Depending on your needs, go for a system that is able to filter all the water you need to use in a day.

Most average sizes can filter 50 to 100 gallons of water in a day. If you have few members of the family, then consider getting a 50 gallons reverse osmosis system, but if your household is larger, then a bigger system will be the most efficient.

Size of the System

The size of the system is closely related to the amount of water a system can filter in a day. Having known the amount of water you need to filter each day, now consider the amount of space that is available for the storage of the filter, whether it is over-counter or under-counter.

Are you buying the system to be placed on the counter or under the sink of your kitchen? How big is your kitchen? Will the reverse osmosis system fit in your kitchen without making it feel crowded and cluttered? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before making the purchase.

Take measurements of the available space before going out to buy a system so that you can know the amount of space you are working with.

Ease of Setting Up

Ease of setting up the reverse osmosis system is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. It will dictate the amount of time you need to invest to install the system into your kitchen. However, most people prefer getting a professional who will help to install the system for them.

The more complicated it is to set up the system, especially under-counter system, the more you will be charged. Consider an easy straight forward system to avoid the hassle of setting it up.

Filtration Quality

Different companies and brands offer reverse osmosis systems with different types and number of filters. Different filters will remove different type of waste such as dirt and sand particles, chlorine, chemical components and any type of impurity in the water.

When considering the filtration quality and number of filters, think about the water source. If you are getting your water from a well, then you should consider a system with more stages of filtration compared to city water provided through tap to homes.

Maintenance Cost

Most reverse osmosis systems are easy to use on a daily to daily basis. However, you will need to do some basic maintenance to keep the system in a good working conditions. While buying a reverse osmosis system, make sure you to check how frequent and complicated it will be to replace the filters or to clean.

Consider if you will always need a professional to do some basic things such as cleaning. In addition, determine how readily available spare parts are for the systems and the ease of changing them. Get a system that will not be too costly and complicated to maintain.

Amount of Waste Generated

One of the disadvantages of using reverse osmosis system is the amount of water waste that is generated. Out of the water filtered, only about 5-15% of the water is recovered as clean and safe to drink. The extra water is termed as waste by the system.

However, if you have other needs that can use the water with the sediments and chemicals, you can consider getting a system that is designed to repurpose waste water into other uses such as dish washing or watering the grounds. These type of systems are commonly known as zero waste systems.


A reverse osmosis system is an investment. If you are going to invest in one, you want to make sure it lasts longer. The process of buying one and having it installed is not easy, therefore, you do not want to go through the process yearly or after a short period of time. Consider getting a system from popular brands that has many solid reviews.

In addition, consider the warranties offered for the system. The longer and solid the warranty, the more confident you can be in that system.

Types of Reverse Osmosis Systems

When considering to buy a reverse osmosis system for your home, there are two main options that you will encounter; countertop and under-counter systems. After observing the considerations above, now it is time to pick the best type of system.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

Countertop Reverse Osmosis System (source)

They are also known as freestanding reverse osmosis systems. They are designed to be placed on surfaces such as countertops or on the ground. The countertop reverse osmosis systems are easy to install and they occupy very little space in the kitchen.

This type of system is suitable for people who do not want to make permanent changes in the house, for instance renters. In addition, you will not need to bring in a professional to help you install the system because the process is not very complicated.

Pros of a countertop reverse osmosis system

  • It is compact therefore occupies little space in the kitchen.
  • You do not need a professional because installation process is easy.
  • It is temporary. If you are a tenant, you can carry it with you whenever you relocate.

Cons of a countertop reverse osmosis system

  • You will need to create space on the counter. Less convenient for houses with limited countertop space.
  • Less convenient to use.

Under-counter Reverse Osmosis System

Under-counter Reverse Osmosis System

These systems are also known as under sink reverse osmosis systems. As the name suggests, this type of system is installed under the sink of your kitchen.

Due to its ease of use once installed, it has become the most common and popular type of reverse osmosis system for most homes. To use the system, all you need to do is switch on the faucet and the filtration process starts.

Installing an under-counter reverse osmosis system is a complicated process, which will most likely need the help of a professional. However, it is worth getting this type of reverse osmosis system, because it is able to filter many gallons of water at a time effectively. Under-counter reverse osmosis system are the best option for household daily use.

Pros of an under-counter reverse osmosis system

  • It can filter large quantities of water.
  • It is easy to use.

Cons of an under-counter reverse osmosis system

  • Compared to countertops model, it is more difficult and complicated to install an under-counter model.
  • It produces a lot of waste water.

Popular Brands for Reverse Osmosis Systems

To make your work easier when buying a reverse osmosis system, here are popular reputable brands that you can buy your system from. These brands have been reviewed by many customers for making high quality products that last longer and perform effectively and efficiently.


This company makes a range of under-counter reverse osmosis systems. Reviews from customers are mostly positive. Most people say these brands are easy to install, they take up less space under the sink and enhance the taste of water.


AquaPure’s reverse osmosis systems also have many positive reviews from customers, with ease of installation and making water taste good being the highest scores. However, some customers felt that the material used to make the systems are of lower quality and the system produce too much water waste.

Global Water

Global water specializes in countertop reverse osmosis systems. Most customers commends the brand for making systems that are easy to install, with filters that work well. The customers are also happy about the customer service that they receive at Global Water Company.


Reverse osmosis systems from Hydrotech receive mixed reviews from their customers. The happy customers say the system is easy to install, the water tastes good and generally the system works well. Unhappy customers say the system is leaky, noisy and they do not last long. Some say, the system is of low quality and not worth the price.


Vitev’s reverse osmosis systems are on the highest end of the price range in the market. Most customers are happy about the system for its good repute for providing quality worthy of the price. Vitex reverse osmosis systems adds back minerals into the water to help alkalize it, unlike other reverse osmosis systems.


Unlike Vitev, Watts offer reverse osmosis systems that lie on the lowest end of price range. Most customers offer positive reviews about these systems. Most people say they are easy to install and the water tastes good. However, some customers are unhappy about the Watt’s systems. Most say the systems are not long lasting hence need to replace some parts and deal with leaks too soon.


Water is important to enhance the wellbeing and health of an individual. It is important to drink plenty of water daily to stay hydrated. However, it is more important to ensure your drinking water is clean and safe. If your water is not trustworthy, find a clarification to make sure the water is healthy for your consumption.

A reverse osmosis system is the best solution for many households. The filter in the system will not only make the water safe for drinking, but also make the water taste good to keep you healthy and hydrated.


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