7 Best Under Sink Water Filter – Reviews & Guide

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Under-sink filters filter water directly to the faucet for clean and healthy drinking water. These devices are popular with homeowners because they are convenient and easy to maintain.

Best Under Sink Water Filter
Best Under Sink Water Filter

Their efficiency lies in the fact that they do not produce any wastewater, and they extract all contaminants from the water coming in through your supply line. The filters come in a range of filtration systems, and our best picks are:

1. iSpring US31 Under Sink Filtration System


This model from iSpring is recognized for its high-efficiency filtration system. Your water will flow through PP sediment filtration, dual CTO carbon filtration, and unique GAC filtration.

All these layers will remove dust, sand, and other particles while also extracting toxic elements like heavy metals, arsenic, VOCs, and lead. The filter will also discourage bacteria and parasites from thriving in your water, as well as removing the chlorine odor and taste.

The filter’s on-demand fast flow rate will perfectly meet the various needs of your household, including cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables. It provides up to 2000 gallons straight from your tap to ensure that everyone in your home has access to clean water.

The US31 has been designed to be easy to install and maintain. It features an all-metal faucet and see-through 1st stage housing. You can be sure that it will last you a long time, provided you maintain it in the right way, including replacing the filters every 6 to 12 months.


2. APEC WFS-1000 Under-Sink Water Filter System

The WFS-1000 is one of the most popular and dependable filtration solutions from APEC water systems. It is engineered and made in the USA with the highest quality components selected from across the globe.

The filter is equipped with super-capacity filters to remove odors, chemicals, and taste. The first stage of this filter features the removal of rust, dust, and particles by a high-grade 10-inch polypropylene sediment filter. The filter has a high dirt-holding capacity, and it is guaranteed to last you a long period.

A 10ʺ extruded carbon block removes odors, cloudiness, tastes, and chlorine in the 2nd stage. It will also extract VOCs as well as other common chemicals. The last stage involves another 10ʺ premium carbon block filter to remove chlorine, color, VOCs, and tastes further.

The system preserves important minerals and alkalinity to protect the integrity of your water supply. Alkalinity is especially important because water helps your body maintain a favorable PH. The filters are designed to last for 12 months, which makes maintenance easy and reduces the need for changes.

The filter’s fast water flow makes a tank unnecessary. It filters water quickly to the faucet with water pressure between 20 to 85 PSI. The model operates under high-efficiency, and it, therefore, produces no wastewater.

The WFS-1000 is also easy to install since it comes fully assembled. In addition to the filters, you get FDA-approved JG food grade tubing to prevent water contamination and ½ to 3/8-inch feed water adapters.

A top-quality faucet accompanies the filter with a stainless-steel finish. This can be a disadvantage for people looking for a specific finish for their home. It has been pre-dilled with holes to make it easy to fix it on your wall.

The filter will do a good job of removing common contaminants from your tap water, but it is not suitable for well water. It will not remove elements like iron, magnesium, lead, and copper, and chloramines. You cannot also filter hot water with this system.


3. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System

This filter is equipped to remove 99% of lead and chlorine in your water. It features a two-stage filtration system to give you healthy water for your household.

The first stage has a sediment filter with five-micron precision to reduce particles and impurities like sand, rust, and silt. The block carbon filter cartridge has 0.5-micron precision to extract odor, particles, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants.

The filter does not remove important metals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous.

The filter has an impressive auto-shutoff design that makes it quick to install or do a filter change. It utilizes a quick-change twist-in installation to ensure the filter replacement is easy, quick, and tool-free. You do not have to shut off the water supply when replacing the filters.

The high-flow rate makes the filter ideal for day-to-day home activities like washing fruits and cooking.

The filter is also economical to install in the long-run. It has a filter cartridge inside the plastic casing, and you only have to change the core part of the cartridge instead of the entire plastic. Not only will it save money since you are not replacing the cartridges, but it is also environmentally friendly.

It will also be compatible with your cold-water supply line, whether your sink has a 1/2ʺ or 3/8ʺ feed water valve. The filter will also link seamlessly to your existing faucet.


4. CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

The UC-200 filter from CuZn is highly-rated for convenience and dependability.

It is very quick to install, and all you require is an adjustable wrench to set in under your sink. All you have to do is disconnect your cold-water line and link it to the filter.

A stainless-steel hose is included to connect to the cold-water valve and the system’s inlet. The manufacturer has provided video instruction that you can easily find on their website. The filter will work with any kind of kitchen faucet.

The filter also ranks highly when it comes to filtration efficiency, and it has micro-sediment membranes, KDF-55, and coconut shell carbon. The filters are characterized by a bacteriostatic layer that discourages the growth of bacteria and mold.

The UC-200 reduces chromium VI, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, VOCs, sediment, and pharmaceuticals. Since it is meant to be used on chlorine-treated water, the filter will not extract contaminants like nitrites, nitrates, and chloramines.

This filter is popular because of its long life-span and convenience of use. It will process 50,000 gallons of water or last five years. The filter will, therefore, produce about 27 gallons of water a day, and depending on how much water you use daily, it can last you a very long time.

You can use chlorine test strips to determine the effectiveness of the filter. It will be time to replace it once you identify the presence of chlorine. The model has no filter cartridges to change, which means that maintenance is hassle-free.


5. Aquasana AQ-5300 Under Sink Water Filter System

This compact filter is designed to fit under your sink and delivery ready-to-drink water. It is packaged with a complimentary faucet in either bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel.

The model especially stands out when it comes to filtration capabilities. The pre-filter stage engages 20 Micron precision to trap salt, sediment, and rust. In the 2nd stage, your water will interact with activated carbon to remove organic chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, and other volatile organic elements. The carbon will remove the chlorine odor and improve the taste of your water.

The filter also makes use of Catalytic Carbon to remove heavy metals. The Ion-exchange will ensure that your water is free from mercury, lead, and other harmful metals.

The filter’s sub-micron (0.5) mechanical filtration traps asbestos and other chlorine-resistant cysts, including giardia. It also removes chloramines in places where the municipal water is not treated by chlorine.

Being NSF-certified, the filter has been evaluated and approved for the removal of pollutants. It has been approved on NSF Standards 42, 53 + 401, and P473. The model also has P473 certification to remove PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).

It features Claryum filtration technology to leave out important minerals like calcium while filtering out harmful elements.

The AQ-5300 has a flow rate of 0.5 gallons, and its pressure ranges between 20 to 80 psi. It is designed to give you 600 gallons of pure water, after which you will need to change the filters.

It has a unique notification function that lets you know when to change the filters. When replacing the filters, all you need to do is twist the housing off, without the need to disconnect the water supply. You do not need professional help to maintain the AQ-5300.

Another winning feature with this model is the ability to link it to your iPhone via Bluetooth. You will need to download a free app if you want to know the amount of water you have used from the filter.


6. Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System

The Woder WD-S-8K-DC filter is certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free compliance and NSF/ANSI 42 chlorine, odor, and taste.

There is no plumbing required to install this model from Woder. It is accompanied by a connect hose that links to your existing cold-water valve as well as the faucet stem under your sink. You also get a head with an in-built valve.

The filter applies selective filtering to your water to remove the harmful contaminants while leaving important elements. Minerals like calcium, chloride, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous are needed by the human body, which is why Woder’s unique technology leaves them in your water.

The technology has a high-affinity for unwanted impurities like lead, chromium 6, VOCs, chlorine, and heavy metals. Your water will also be free of bad tastes, odors, and turbidity.

Woder promises 8,000 gallons or three years of use with this model. Its filters utilize microparticles with more filtering ingredients, and this high-capacity makes them more effective and long-lasting.

The filter is designed for use with municipally-treated drinking water or any other water that has been disinfected. It is not suitable for salty or softened water, and it should only be used for cold drinking water.


7. APEC Water Systems CS-2500

This filter is marketed as an affordable filtration solution for households that want high-quality water for consumption. It is designed and assembled in the US using superior components for optimal effectiveness.

The model promises up to 5,000 of pollutant-free water or up to 12 months before you change the filters.

It will remove contaminants like chlorine, lead, and heavy metals, as well as unpleasant taste and odors. The filter is also bacteriostatic to prevent the growth of heterotrophic bacteria. It leaves out important minerals like magnesium and calcium.

You do not need a separate inlet valve or facet with this filter as it provides healthy water from your current faucet. You can cook and wash fruits with water from this filter because it is highly purified and also clean your dishes without watermarks.

The filter also has a trouble-free installation, and a quick-twist connection is all that is needed to change filters.


Why Use an Under-Sink Water Filter?

Under-filters are primarily popular because of their convenience. They link right to your waterline and will filter water directly at the faucet.

A whole-house filtration system may not be very feasible if you only want to purify the water you consume, which is where under-filters become especially handy. Other benefits of the systems include:

Provides high-speed clean water

Under filters will typically store water in a hydrostatic bladder tank that maintains optimal pressure for fast-flowing water. This pressure will be great to wash fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, and you can be sure they are free from dirt.

You can also rest easy because your kitchen dishes will no longer have watermarks. The high-speed of the water will fill up your bottle very fast, and you will have purified water to drink on the go.

Improve the taste of your water

Depending on where you live, your tap water can have unpleasant tastes and odors. This is especially common in areas where the water supply has concentrations of fluoride and chlorine.

The unpleasant taste makes most households choose bottled water over their tap water. By removing pollutants from water, under-sink filters will make your tap water more pleasing to consume and use.

Affordable and cost-effective

Affordability also makes under-filters popular as household water treatments. You can get a high-quality filter starting from $55 to $120 and start enjoying purified water right away.

If you think about all the money that you spend on bottled water, it makes a lot of sense to invest in an under-sink filter. Models like the Woder WD-S-8K-DC can process 8,000 gallons, which is bound to satisfy all the drinking needs of your household. The filters are also ranked as being more cost-efficient than freezer filters or faucet filters.

Easy to install and maintain

You only require some basic plumbing knowledge to install a working under-sink filter. Some people will avoid them thinking they are complex to fit, and while it is more tasking than installing counter-top filters, it is nothing you cannot do with several basic tools.

Most manufacturers will include simple instructions with the package or provide video instruction on their websites.

Under-filters do not demand a lot of maintenance, except occasional filter changes. The UC-200 from CuZn, for example, has no filter cartridges making maintenance a breeze.


There are simple to complex under-sink filters, depending on the level of efficiency you are looking for. Some will have several filters performing different functions, while others will only have a single filter cartridge.

Some models are equipped with high-level filtration capabilities to remove contaminants that cannot be removed by simple solutions. Depending on the model you get, you can be sure your water is free from heavy metals and other toxic elements.

You do not need a lot of space

Under-sink filters come in space-saving and compact designs, and they are favorable if you do not have a lot of space. The area under the sink is not very useable, which makes them perfect for your kitchen.

They will also stay out of sight and not interfere with the look of your kitchen.

How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter?

How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter?
How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter?

The process of installing an under-sink filter is easy and straightforward.

The first step is shutting off the cold-water line underneath your sink. Use a wrench to break the water connection, and you can place a bucket under the line to catch any water that flows out.

Your filter will come with an adapter, which is linked to the hose. Use the tubing that accompanies the package to connect to the filter on one end and the adapter on the other end. Link the other adapter to the water shutoff valve. You should also push the filter’s tubing to the shutoff.

Turn the water on and run your sink for five to ten increments to filter your water.


If you are looking for an affordable solution to purify your tap water for consumption, you should consider under-sink filters. They are fitted under your sink, and they are easy to maintain.

Simple models will remove odors and bad tastes, while sophisticated solutions will remove contaminants like heavy metals and chlorine.


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