AQUAMANTRA's current bottles are standard PET 100% Recyclable Bottles that are BPA FREE.

AQUAMANTRA will use Recycled Plastics (rPET products) where they are available, and we will continue to pursue any and all opportunities that would provide a way for us to easily support our beautiful water. We are well aware of the landfill crisis and at this time can encourage recycling for all patrons of not just bottled water but all plastic containers. Only 65% of people recycle, which is leaving 35% to rot for 1000 years in the landfill. We are encouraging the government not to ban our right to drink bottled water in plastic bottles, but to be more recyclable friendly and put their money into more recycling containers. As of July 1.2007 all PET plastic containers are going up to .05 for 500mL and .10 a bottle for 1L. Help the homeless or make some cash on the side, but PLEASE RECYCLE. Be part of the SOLUTION, Join the Recycle-ution At this time, unfortunately we have to use to the PET BPA Free plastic bottles instead of any products that might break down in a shorter time period due to the laws in the state of CA where our water is produced.. Our company is small and local and while we are not excited about the use of this plastic, we are also not producing millions of bottles at this time and our footprint is relatively small, seeings as we only sell on the West Coast for now. If you know of a positive solution for our predicament, we are open to any and all suggestions. Please send us an email.

Good news rally! AQUAMANTRA is making an investigative effort to move towards the creation of Glass Bottles and are working in a timely fashion to create amazing gifts of art and consciousness in a container that will support both you and Mother Earth. Thank you for continuing to support AQUAMANTRA and its mission to raise consciousness in humanity one sip at a time. These Glass Bottlz are a bit pricey to make and at the same time, they are a creation of your reality. Commit to shifting your perspective and new possibilities will show up in your life. Purchase your Glass Bottle Today!

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