The water of abundant luck. I am Lucky was a sheer act of luck for Aquamantra. As we were tasting the flavors of possible options such as I AM I AM LUCKYEmpowered or I am Beautiful, neither tasted decent, in fact they tasted awful! We thought I am Lucky would be a great water to sell for casinos and Las Vegas. Let's give the people a leg up here! It was a fun idea, but then we tasted it and it was a far superior taste to any other we'd tried. It was equivelant in frequency to I am Loved, just a different way. We loved it! We requested art from Jesse Fortune, the artist who painted the beautiful art of I AM HEALTHY, to be the backdrop and he came up with a layout that met our desires. Alexandra, Creator of Aquamantra, delved deep with the help of a special focus group to come up with the perfect slot machine. Of course, we got a little backlash about the "typical" version of Luck, money and Vegas. But look closely at our bottle and it defines much more of what Luck is.

The slot machine which is harnessing a grand invocation of brilliant light from the universal sky, stands strong and dominates the scene with its vibrancy in color. Our slot machine is named LIFE and the game you are playing says, "Life is worth much more than gold." The symbols in the machine are a gold horshoe to capture your luck. There are four leaf clovers to represent luck, there are cherries spinning on the left top for the fun in your life and there's a burning heart on the bottom right for the love and desire you deserve. In the backlight, there is an exquisite backdrop with the moon and 3 stars, when you wish upon a star, all your dreams have always come true. In this world of desert and tough landscape, we urge you to play this game of life you are living, which is why there is a large PLAY button ... and when you do... the water, the nourishment delivers unto you all that you desire. Drink I am Lucky and create the Luck for you. At Aquamantra, we cherish this bottle because it represents the abundancy, the gratitude and the blessings in our life as it is today. As you wish upon your star... either way, you are Lucky, but drinking this water doesn't hurt. Take a look at our testimonials page and see how many people are coming up lucky by drinking this water. Think it, drink it and be the luck in your life!