What better way to sustain your health than with the one element that maintains your health, water. I am Healthy is mainly for... EVERYONE! Drinkers of I am Healthy are in-shape people, out of shape individuals, old, young, sick, or healthy, mental or stable. Everyone, should be drinking I am Healthy. Our Say I AM HEALTHY with every delicious sip!waters are designed to create the space to BE healthy. Don't drink the water and think I want to be healthy because all you are doing is telling your body that you are sick or un-healthy and you want to be healthy. Instead, always think I AM HEALTHY or take it one step further and say I have always been healthy, and remind yourself that you have always been healthy. That's the flow of 100% pure thought.

I AM HEALTHY, was our very first bottle design and we approached up and coming acrylic artist Jesse Fortune, to inspire us with the essence of health. It had to include water, but inspire the mind as well as the body.

Jesse has a background as a physical trainer, who uses yoga to maintain that inner peace. Since vibration is how we can identify that the molecules are re-structuring the water, Jesse created a world that appears to be moving. The beauty of this painting is every little element; the dancing palms trees, the magestic and divine strength of the purple mountains, the swirling sky and powerful sky. We were delighted when he presented this piece to us, because it pinpointed what we were trying to say. The message comes from the universe, love yourself, deliver unto yourself perfect health. From the intense sky, a sparkling stream of water shares with you its secrets and the waterfall brings the messages of perfect health. Then we added secretive butterflys along the way, symbolizing chakras or seals in your body that also maintain your spiritual health. Truly look into this bottle, and we promise you'll get lost... but its quite a fun journey. Love yourself enough to maintain your health, you have to drink water, why not give your body what it deserves. It works hard for you... a little AQUAMANTRA just might be what it needs go the distance. Our bodies were designed to live 200 years, can you live that long with out AQUAMANTRA?