I AM GRATEFUL WATER by AQUAMANTRAThis water is the highest vibrational energy of all of our "Mantra" waters. What do we mean by that? Gratitude works on the principles of The Law of Attraction which states that like energy attracts like energy, like a magnet. Energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract energy of a similar quality and vibration. You attract to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about. If you are consistently thinking about what you already have and express your gratefulness for having it, your results will reflect more of that. (By the same token, if you are consistently thinking about what you do not have, your results will equally reflect that.)

If you are familiar with AQUAMANTRA, then you know that we designed this water as a tool, to remind you of how fabulous you are. Rather than reaching for something you need to be, we wanted to inspire you to remember what you are grateful for.

With every sip, think of three things… that's right 3 things not just one thing you're grateful for. What you might find is the more you do this, the more you discover what you are grateful for and maybe didn't recognize that before! It's a gift from the universe and we are grateful to bring it to you. Whatever you hold your attention on, you will attract, if you know how to do it and how to apply it in your life with exact precision and how to use it with 100% accuracy. When used properly, it is absolutely infallible, as predictable as gravity, because it is a Universal Law that cannot be changed.

Having an attitude of gratitude AND practicing gratitude, has several major beneficial effects:

  1. It can change your life from lack to prosperity
  2. It can shift you rom sickness to health and harmony
  3. It can move you from struggle to abundance and quality of life
  4. It will help you focus on what you want rather on what you do not want
  5. It will raise your 'feeling good' vibration, and Help you remember how good your life really is!
  6. You will feel abundant and naturally produce more abundance in your life
  7. You get to know yourself better
  8. Brings out your natural beauty and wisdom
  9. Helps you identify your values
  10. Reveals the depth of who you are
  11. Supports you to detach and let go of the past
  12. Creates more positive results in your life
  13. Improves congruency and integrity
  14. Brings about turning points in your life
  15. Helps you achieve balance, clarity and peace of mind
  16. Helps to recreate yourself
  17. Changes your state of consciousness

You move out of reactionary emotions and take charge of your personal energy. Purchase your bottle of I AM GRATEFUL today and say 3 things you are grateful for and watch the energy shift in the environment around you. The words are definitely a gift of the universe to us all.

I am Grateful, is our 4th bottle design and we lined up with long time earth advocate and ocean artist Dan Johnson, to inspire us with the essence of gratitude. Our focus was on what we're grateful for and in this day and age, water is a big thing to be grateful for as well as the earth that houses the water. We wanted an image that was powerful enough for all people, whether they live near water or not.

We are deeply grateful for the amazing image that came through Dan to create the aesthetics of I AM GRATEFUL. What you'll notice is the pink lotus flower at the top, dripping with dew from its large luscious pedals. There's a heart centering the lotus flower, because it is our belief that everything is centered around love, it’s the essence that flows through the beauty of life. The dew drips down in the mouth of humanity shown as a beautiful woman and what's in the drop of dew is our precious earth in all its glory, moving with the water. The woman reaches up with arms open showing her gratitude to this gift we have that creates and sustains our life. All around her is the beauty of the earth, the majestic mountains, and the fresh water.

We chose the color purple for the caps and the lettering, because of the divinity that is represented in this color. We thought it appropriate since gratitude shares a high frequency of energy. We hope you enjoy this bottle as much as we enjoyed making it.